NOVELLA is a contemporary Cape Town-based decor, design & homeware brand, which started out of Marieke Goncalves’ love of all things textile and her perpetual desire to beautify spaces. The collection includes her locally printed patterns and carefully curated woven fabrics which have all been assembled into a range of understated home accessories in Cape Town, South Africa. The range currently includes cushions, soft pots, tea towels and table runners that each contribute to a calm and considered atmosphere in the modern home.

Marieke Goncalves, the brand’s founder and designer, studied both at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It is from both of these worlds that she draws inspiration for Novella’s prints, combining the organic and geometric nature of African pattern with the refined simplicity of a European aesthetic. A Cape Town native, she loves the creative energy that the city radiates and has a huge heart for the Mother City’s inspiring people.

What’s with the name?
A simple Google search will confirm that a Novella is “a short novel or long short story”, but we prefer this New Yorker interpretation. Fancy words aside, the name was chosen as we firmly believe that each NOVELLA product has a story to tell. We acknowledge and value each maker that collaborates with us in the creation process – from the traditional Ivory Coast weavers of our Baule Cloth cushions, to our Cape Town-based screenprinter and seamstresses who skilfully work with all our fabric, bringing them to life as new creations.

In a similar way, we know that our homes are unique and carefully compiled anthologies of individual pieces, carrying with them memories, stories and connections. They tell the tale of the places we’ve been, the things we value and the people we share our lives with. It is with this homemaker-storyteller in mind then, that our products are thoughtfully designed, produced and curated. We love the thought of you weaving these “short stories” into the greater narrative of your home and life.

There is nothing we enjoy more than teaming up with others that have a similar mindset or goal. So far we have loved working with Hello Pictures Photography and Matt Masson Photography, as well as Bouwer Flowers. Give us a shout if you have a project you’d like to run past us – we’re all ears!

Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a stockist, commissioning a custom order, requesting a swatchbook or would like a media pack.